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Western Wedding Invitation Kit 4 features a gorgeous wedding bouquet and western boots. This is a perfect blend of masculine and feminine and year after year is a highly sought after wedding template design.

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Invitation Wording Examples & Phrases
Western Invitation Template Kit

True lassoed our hearts
and the trail has led us here...
Sherry Cody
Curtis Strode
invite you to join us
as we get hitched
on May 17, 2014
at 2:00 pm
Pacific Hills
Laguna Hills, CA
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Nemeth
invite you to share in the joy
of the marriage uniting their son
David Nemeth
Kathy Reynolds
on Saturday, the first of May

Embassy Anaheim
Garden Grove, California

God has led two lives
to take one path
Nancy Lou Condreay
Stephen Michael Humphrey
together with their families
invite you to share in the joy
of their marriage
on Saturday, April second

at nine o'clock in the morning
Newagen Seaside
Southport Island, Maine

Blessed be the tie that binds
our hearts in Christian
The fellowship of kindred minds
is like to that above,
We, Janice Hatch
Charles Rylander
joyously invite you to witness
the uniting of our lives as one
on February sixteenth

twelve noon
Bethel  Baptist Church
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Together they rolled the dice
taking a gamble on their future
Quickly it became clear
that the dice were right
Now Jenny and Tom
are about to unite!

You are invited to attend
the marriage ceremony of
Janet Gaskill
Don Robeson
Friday, April 11, 2014
at 8 o'clock in the evening
Cupids Wedding Chapel
Las Vegas, Nevada
Christina Bowers
Johnathon Dupree
have chosen the first day
of their new life together
as Sunday, the twenty-second of August

You are invited to share in their
as they exchange marriage vows
at ten o'clock in the morning
Lord Thompson Manor
Thompson, Connecticut

We invite you to be with us
as we begin our new life together
Saturday, the third of May

at two o'clock in the afternoon

Graceland Wedding Chapel
Las Vegas, Nevada

Sarah Davidson
Dean Ellis
We're getting ready to depart
on a romantic trip, which is only the start!

Alivia Marie Jameson
Shawn Ray Baker
will be married on
Thursday, March 6th, 2014
in Turks & Caicos
Please join us for a reception
when we return
March22nd, 2014
at 6:00 p.m.
Park Ridge Marriott
Park Ridge, New Jersey

Love makes life a paradise...
Christy Wilson
Tom Chipman
joined hearts and were married
in Waikiki, Hawaii
March 14, 2014
join them for a wedding reception
Sunday, April 19, 2014
5:30 p.m.
Monterey Hill United Church
Monterey Park, California


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