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Using our printable wedding invitation template to make your own invitations is the perfect solution for creating professional wedding stationery. This is one of our pink designs, but we offer ten color options.

Wedding Invitation Template

$20.00 - 3 Piece Stationery Set
Printable Pink Wedding Invitation Template Kit

We also offer 10 piece template sets that include the above items plus wedding program, favor scroll, thank you card, save the date, reception insert, place card, table card and wine label.

$38.00 - 10 Piece Stationery Set
Printable Pink Wedding Invitation Template Kit


Wedding Invitation Templates Info

Invitation Wording Examples & Phrases
Printable Pink Wedding Invitation Template Set

Love washes in like the tide
soothing the parched sand

Tammy Easley
John Winkler

invite you to share in the
as they are united in marriage
on Saturday, the first of May

at five o'clock in the evening
Panama City Beach

Two lovers choose to say I do
A promise made and shared with you to , to laugh,
to live, to learn
Mary Brock
Ken Huntley
invite you to witness
the ceremony of their marriage
Friday, the third of October

at sunset
Fairmont Sonoma
Sonoma, California

Love makes life a paradise...
Kelly Corbin
James Oliver
joined hearts and were married
in Waikiki, Hawaii
March 14, 2014
join them for a wedding reception
Sunday, April 19, 2014
5:30 p.m.
Heather’s Glen
Conroe, Texas

Our blossoms together!

We invite you to be with us
as we begin our new life together
Saturday, the ninth of August

at one in the afternoon
Church of the Open Bible
Richmond, Virginia

Ruby Karen Ramage
Kurt Alfred Floyd

Please join us in celebrating
new , new dreams, a new future as we exchange marriage vows
Sunday, the twelfth of July
two thousand fourteen
at seven in the evening
Cameron Christian Church
Roswell, New Mexico

Erin Amy Watson
Wilbur Robert Warner

Like a butterfly in a summer
breeze, our hearts are uplifted
It is with joy that we,
Rebecca Ann Kennedy
Peter Seth Lemay
pledge our love as one
on Friday, the third of May

at eleven in the morning
Immaculate Conception Church
Boulder, Colorado

It could have been the time
maybe it was the place,
we thought you should
know in any case

Our daughter,
Susan Thurman
was married to Scott Davis
on Friday, the sixth of May

in Nashville, Tennessee

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Thurman

A beautiful fall evening has
been chosen to begin our new life together

Alivia Randall and Allen Hogan

invite you to be with us as we
exchange vows and celebrate our love
Please join us on
Saturday, October 11, 2014
with ceremony beginning at
5:00 p.m.
The Heritage Shores Club
Bridgeville, Delaware

Blessed be the tie that binds
our hearts in Christian
The fellowship of kindred minds
is like to that above,
We, Brenda Davis
Jeremy McNamara
joyously invite you to witness
the uniting of our lives as one
on February sixteenth

twelve noon
Cameron Christian Church
St. Louis, Missouri

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