Printable Wedding Invitations Winter | Christmas or Holiday Theme

Stunning printable wedding invitations winter theme featuring a snow laden spruce. This design prints so beautifully on crisp white stock. This selection is perfect for a winter or Christmas themed nuptials.

Printable Wedding Invitations Winter

- 3 Piece Printable Winter Invitations Template Set

We also offer 10 piece template sets that include the above items plus wedding program, favor scroll, thank you card, save the date, reception insert, place card, table card and wine label.

$29.00 - 10 Piece Printable Winter Invitations Template Set  

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Wedding Invitation Wording Examples & Phrases
Printable Invitations Winter Templates

In the spirit of the season
we have found the perfect reason
to gather friends and family...
Yolanda Donna Hamilton
Daniel Edward England
invite you to share with them
a celebration of love
on Saturday, the first of May

at four o’clock in the afternoon
An Occasion at Laguna Village
Laguna Beach, California
As the autumn leaves begin to turn
Two lovers choose to say I do
A promise made and shared with you
to , to laugh, to live, to learn
Sue Willits
Cory Bizarri
invite you to witness
the ceremony of their marriage
on Friday, the third of October

at three in the afternoon
Heather's Glen
Conroe, Texas
All that I am,
All that I have been,
I offer now to you
Please join us in celebrating
new love, new dreams, a new future
as we exchange marriage vows
on Sunday, the twelfth of July

at one o’clock in the afternoon
Community of Christ
Albany, New York

Claude Betty Rucker
Agatha Sue Rogers
God has led two lives
to take one path
Debra Loren Reif
Marc Robert Zaiser
together with their families
invite you to share in the joy
of their marriage
on Saturday, June first

at four o'clock in the afternoon
St. John’s Parish
Wilmington, IL

Nadine Brooks and Henry Cooke

invite you to be with us as we
exchange marriage vows and
celebrate our love
Please join us on
Sunday, October 11, 2014
with ceremony beginning at
5:00 p.m.
and reception following until
11:00 p.m.
at The Fairmont Orchid
Big Island, Hawaii

It could have been the time
maybe it was the place,
we thought you should
know in any case

Our daughter,
Pam Kaum
was married to Fred Scalf
on Friday, the sixth of May

in Charleston, South Carolina

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kaum

As the trees burst into color
and the autumnal season
we pledge our faith, our ,
our lives
We, Trish Camper
and Ty Padillo
request the honour of your
presence as we begin a lifetime of love
on Friday, the first of May

at six o'clock in the evening
The Hilton Hotel
Scottsdale, Arizona

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Zenith
request the honour of your presence
at the marriage of their son
Luke Zenith
Laura Ingles
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Ray Ingles
Saturday, the first of June

at one o’clock
Park View Church
Jonesboro, Arkansas

Love makes life a paradise...
Alice Childers
Robert Bailey
joined hearts and were married
in Waikiki, Hawaii
March 14, 2014
join them for a wedding reception
Sunday, April 19, 2014
5:30 p.m.
HS Lordships
Berkeley, California

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